Monday, 29 August 2011

Time Travler

This tutorial was written by Elizabeth on 29th August 2011 using psp 9.
Any similarity to any other tutorial is purely coincidental.
This tutorial is for those with a working knowledge of psp.
A Fantastic kit from Dianna (digicats(&dogs) Tempus Fugit.
Tube of choice i used one from PTE. This is a PTU tube, you must have
a license to use this tube.
Font of choice i used Kings Honor.
Mask of choice i used mask 34 from YEZ, open and minimise.
Drop Shadow 10,10,30,10, black, drop shadow as you go.
Remember to save often.
New image 600x600 flood fill white,
Open paper 19 > resize by 75% > c/p.
Layers > new mask > from image > YEZ mask 34 > apply > OK.
Layers merge group.
Open deco 2 > c/p > duplicate > mirror > flip.
Open Autumn arch > rotate 90right > then 33right > duplicate > mirror > flip.
Open flower 4 > resize by 35% > c/p > effects > artistic effects > aged newspaper > duplicate > mirror > flip.
Add your tube.
Layers > merge visible > resize all layers by 75%.
Layers > new raster layer.
Add your copyright & license number.
Layers > merge visible.
Layers > new raster layer.
Add your name.
Layers > merge visible.
That's it you are done, i hope you enjoy this tutorial.
Thank you Dianna for letting my play with you kits,
Elizabeth x.

my free copyright

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