Sunday, 15 November 2009

double mask delusional 2

OK grab a coffee or coke open psp get comfy

Supplies needed

Scrap kit ptu delusional from

tube is ptu from mpt joseph corentino, you need a licence to use his work
font is coltaine no 2 sorry no link

This tutorial was written by Elizabeth 15/11/2009

This is written by me and is my first tutorial. any similarities to any other tutorial are
purely coincidental and unintentional. no copyright infringements intended
i am claiming only for my work not for the artwork.

OK lets begin
open both masks minimise for now
drop shadow 2,2,58,11 and black

open new image 600x600
flood fill white new raster layer

new raster layer pick colour from tube
layers new mask find montis blind mask 1, tick invert, OK, apply mask, layers delete mask merge group.
pick a nice bright grungy looking paper in your foreground look for a nice pattern flood fill angel 0, scale 80.

new raster layer.

layers new mask look for ufmask13 and apply.
open crumpled tag from kit image free rotate 90 degree right, resize to your liking,
copy and paste, move to the right of image, open crumpled paper resize to fit on top of
crumpled tag, layers merge down.
open your tube copy and paste on top of crumpled paper.
and any other elements you like. they are quite big so resize by 30%
add your copyright. licence number..
layers merge visible. resize to your liking. i resized mine to 450
ok you are done i hope you like this tutorial, if you do let me know please

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  1. Hunnie that is great and you just taught me several I always save my mask into my mask folder first but you just taught me I don't have too! Lol. Great job! Sending you an email. Huggers, Jessica