Saturday, 17 April 2010

Destiny ptu

This tutorial was written by Elizabeth on 17/04/2010. using psp 9.
Any similarities to any other tutorial is purley coincidental.
This tutorial is written for those with a working knowledge of psp.
Awesome ptu kit from Gothic Inspirations
Mask from boundless bliss mask 1 sorry no link.
Font Celexa
Tube of choise.i used one from ami. you must have a licence to use this art.
Dropshadow 1,1,50,11, black, dropshadow as you go.
Remember to save often.
New raster layer 600x600 floodfill white.
Open paper 2 c/p.
Layers>new mask>look for your mask>apply>ok.
Open frame 1>resise by 65%>c/p.
Open parchment>free rotate 90 left>c/p>move below frame.
Open fog 1>c/p>move below parchment.
Open planet>resise by 55%>c/p>resise again>place top right.
Open mysticflair>resize by 75%>c/p>place over planet.
Open stairs>resize by 60%>c/p>place so top step near planet.
Open wizard>resize by 25>c/p>place top stairs.
Open book>resize by 50%>free rotate 34 left>c/p>resize again 65%.
Open dragon 6>resize by 50%>c/p>place on book>mirror>merge down.
Open dragon 1> mirror>resize by 65%>c/p>move bolow fog.
Open castle 1>resize by 60%>c/p>mirror>layer change to luminanse legacy.
Open fire 1>resize by 20%>c/p>place so looks like dragon breath.
Open netting>free rotate 90 >c/p> move to bottom>duplicate>mirror.
Open chain>resize by 55%>c/p>place on frame>duplicate>mirror.
Open your tube>c/p>place so looks good.
Layers>merge visable>resize by 75%.
New raster layer>add your copyright & licence number.
layers>merge visable.
New raster layer>add your name>layers>merge vi sable.
Thats it you are done, i hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
Elizabeth x.

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