Saturday, 16 January 2010

always and forever

This tutorial was written by Elizabeth on 16/01/2010 it assumes you have a working knowledge of psp.
Beautiful kit here look for crazed creations always and forever
vix mask 223 here
font of choise
Tube of choise i used Brian Rood you must have a licence to use this art.
Drop shadow 1,1,58, 11, black drop shadow as you go.
Open mask and minimise for now, new image 600x600 flood fill white
New raster layer flood fill from a colour one of the elements.
Layers >new mask layer>apply mask>layers merge group
Open frame 3 copy and paste
Open candybox resize by 60% place low right.
Open doodle 2, duplicate>merge down>move below frame.
Click inside frame >selections>modify>expand by 10 >copy and paste
paper3>selections>invert>delete>selections none move below frame.
Open flower6 resize by 60% >image free rotate 33% right place over candybox.
Open fern by 69%>duplicate >mirror>layers merge down>move below frame.
Open hearts 1 resize by 60% copy and paste on left>duplicate>mirror.
Copy and paste your tube.
Copy and paste bear>resize by 40%.
merge visable>resize by 75%. >new raster layer add your copyright and licence number,
merge visable, add your name.
Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

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