Saturday, 16 January 2010

chocholate lovers dream

This tutorial was written by Elizabeth on16/01/2010 it assumes you have a working knowledge of psp, i used psp9, but should work with other psps.
New kit from here
Drop shadow 1,158,11,black
Tube of choise i used anthony guerra you must have a licence to use this art.
Font of choise
A nice easy tutorial
Open new image 600x600 flood fill white.
Open copy and paste element 66, resize by 75%,
Open copy and paste element 30, resize by 75%,
Click inside element 30 with magic wand, open paper 1> image free rotate 90% right copy paste
as a new layer>resize by 65% selections>invert>delete.
Copy and paste element 37 resize by 60% move to top right >duplicate>layers merge down. see how it makes the element stand out,
Open copy and paste element 28, place on left of element 30
Open copy and paste element 43 resize by 65%
Open copy and paste element 47 place under element 37,
Copy and paste your tube, place where you want.
Layers merge visable >resize by 75%> add your copyright and licence number. >add your name
Layers merge visable

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