Sunday, 17 January 2010

Black night

This tutorial was written by Elizabeth on 17/01/2010,
This tutorialis writtenfor those with a working knowledge of psp.
Awesome ftu kit black night here
Wsl mask63 here
font of choise
tube of choise i used a free to use artist bez boardman
Drop shadow 1,1,58,11, black drop shadow as you go
Ok lets begin, grab your coffee bag sweets, i got bag caramel buttons, yummy
Open minimise mask
Open new image 600x600 flood fill white >new raster layer>flood fill gray
Image>new mask apply mask ok > layers merge group
Open element2 resize by 60% twice free rotate 90% right
copy and paste as a new layer
Open element 7 resize by 60% twice move below frame
Open element 10 resize by 20% copy and paste as new layer move below frame & top left
Click inside frame with magic wand selections>modify>by 8 ok
Copy and paste paper 4 > selections >invert >delete>selections none move below frame
Open element 15 resize by 20% free rotate 90% place top left>duplicate>mirror
Open element 19a resize by 20% copy and paste to the left>duplicate move down a little>duplicate move down a little>merge the 3 flowers
Open element 1 resize by 29% copy and paste move to right>duplicate>merge down
Layers merge visable>resize by 75%
Add your copyright and name
Ok you are done hope you enjoyed this tutorial, Elizabeth

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