Sunday, 10 January 2010

my gothy valentine

This tutorial was written by Elizabeth on 10/01/2010
This tutorial is written for those with a working knowledge of psp.
I used psp9 but should be ok with other versions of psp.
Ok get comfy mug coffee and those scrummy biscuits
My gothy valentine ptu from here
Vix mask 233 from here
font ceiexa sorry no link
drop shadow 1,1,58,11,black unless other wise stated
Tube of choise i used a candra free to use
Open new image 600x600 we can resize later flood fill white
new raster layer choise a nice deep colour from one of the elements,
open and minimise your mask, layers> new mask> apply the mask>layers merge group.
duplicate your group layer> .mirror
Open frame 1, resise by 75%, copy and paste onto your image> click inside frame with magic wand. selections>modify>expand by 5 ok
copy and paste paper 13 selections>invert>delete> selections none. move paper below frame.
open heart clip 1>resize by 60%> copy and paste move to left of frame see my tag for guideence
duplicate>move down a little>duplicate again>move down a little, merge these three hearts
Open butterfly jewel>resize by 60% > image free rotate> right 33>move to top left.
Open clipped rose> resize by 40%> copy and paste> move to top right.
Open heart chain resize by 40% >copy paste>move below rose.
Open your tube> cope and paste> move below>heart clip> erase any overhanging bits.
Layers merge visable>resize by 75%.
New raster layer
Add your copyright>licence number>merge visable> new raster layer add your name.
Thats it you are finished. hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

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